Specialising in social media for small businesses by advising, training, coaching and teaching social media marketing, not social media selling.

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Social Media

Social Media in marketing is digital word-of-mouth that forms the basis of pull marketing as opposed to traditional push marketing.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is how you should design your website so the search engines and potential clients will find you.

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Content is the aroma of your website, and the search engines are the sniffer dogs who lead people to it. It is a strong online marketing tool.

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Why a website?

Imagine you start a business, rent office or shop space, have the signage done and employ staff ….. in a street that is closed to pedestrians and traffic.

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I blog here when I have time and something to say.

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3 weeks waiting for a blown inverter under guarantee @voltexsa and your Pretoria North branch wipe themselves with our requests for info. That stinks. Come on, show some respect to people whose money you took!

Efforts to prolong my husband's life cost him an easy death https://t.co/aVd2NavPls via @HuffPostLife



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