I see people. They have money.

I see they don’t want to let that money out of their pockets.

woman with shark under water art

I see they look for someone to help them use their money productively.

I see you. You have a good product. You deliver a valuable service.

I see you can’t find the people swimming in the sea of money.

I believe I may be able to help you.

Somewhere in cyberspace someone needs what you offer

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Today, somewhere on the Internet, someone will stumble over your business information.

That person is the one person critical to your business at that moment. But as soon as she moves on, there is someone else.

Social media can help you find them.

I help them find you.

I am the Business Storyteller who creates effective content for your website and social media platforms, so potential clients can find you, your products and services.

Your website needs content that will inform potential clients about your products and services, and content that will rank well in the search engines so potential clients can find you.

It needs effective writing skills. It also needs content that are not just bland information, but informative and digestible technical information that ensures your website visitor will want to do business with you.

With a background in community journalism I understand what is important to people. And with an interest in a wide range of subjects, I may just be the person you are looking for to change your website content from bland facts to brain food.

I help you cast the net as wide as necessary to catch the attention of the people who can make a difference to your business.

I make: