Content is the main reason why people visit your website. No-one visits a website expecting to find nothing! content is king

People visit your website expecting to find the information, product or service that will fulfil their needs. Your website should have content that shows the visitor how your products or services can fill their need or solve their problem.

The content should be presented in such a style that the website visitor gathers enough information to make an informed decision without suffering from information overload.

I advise my clients to have all information on their websites so that it is unnecessary for potential clients to call or email them for more info. Your website visitor should be able to make a decision to do business with you on the strength of what is contained in your website. And no, omitting your prices or rates will not keep your opponents in the dark. They will still let the receptionist call you and pose as a potential client to find out what you charge!

Content includes text, images and video and should be informative while still easy to read.

The nature of your content on any page of your website should provide the information the visitor needs based on where in the sales funnel he or she is. A person doing first time research needs different information from a person who has already decided that your offering will solve their problem.

The two are in different stages of the buying cycle (the sales funnel) and while one looks for information, the other may want to enter a transaction.

Content is information, but also communication. The way in which you present your website content not only informs the visitor about your products and services, but also whether you could be a fitting provider to do business with.