Social Media is pull marketing

You have a website, and a Facebook Page, and a Twitter profile. Maybe you also have Instagram and Pinterest pages. And you have a fat mailing list.

I probably haven’t seen them. I don’t have to.

I know you post yourself there. Posts and pictures about your specials. Images of your products. News about yourself and your business.

On the other side of the Internet sits your potential client with a question, a need, a frustration with your business or a suggestion to make your product better. But you are marketing, not listening, so you won’t hear your client.

Social media is tailor-made for pull marketing, as opposed to traditional push marketing.

How many Facebook Pages have you “liked” to receive their advertising, or how many people have you befriended because they advertise?

Social media is a conversation between equals, not a radio for broadcasting or an advertising sign next to the road.