Search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is how you should design your website so the search engines and potential clients will find you.

SEO involves more than only content. Your website must be technically optimized, meaning the technical design must comply with the most recent demands of potential clients as well as search engines. These include that your website must be easy to acess and read on mobile devices.

SEO is based on how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords people use to search for information and which search engines your audience uses.

The basis of good SEO is Good Content + Good Website Architecture + 200 Google factors = Higher Rankings which equals Success. Success on the Internet means that people who look for your product or service, find you. (From there, it is up to you to get them to do business with you)

Good web content:

Good content is content that is valued by your readers. Good content is not, as some people think, merely valuable information. Thanks to the Internet and technology, we are already drowning in information but, as some call it, we are starving for knowledge and wisdom. Good content is information that is offered to the user in such a way that she gathers knowledge and wisdom from it. If you can show your website visitors that you have a deep and valuable knowledge of your product or service, they will be more inclined to do business with you. We like to help our website owners become the “go-to person” in their industry.

Good web architecture:

Your website must be easy to navigate en make sense to users and search engines. From the technical building blocks to properly written content, your website’s architecture should enhance the user experience and usability of your site.

The 200+ Google factors:

Google – as the main Internet search engine – made it public that they are using around 200 “ranking signals” to decide where a web page must appear on the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). They also do not make all of them public, mainly to ensure that web designers do not “reverse engineer” the factors in order to have a website rank higher in the SERPS.

But, by eveluating the SERPS, the design industry have gathered what can be considered a “fairly good idea” of what Google look for. We also use those “fairly good ideas” to design your website. What is most important, is that Google wants to create SERPS that will give the Internet searcher the best result for what he is searching for, and want to advance websites that are valuable to users.

Valuable, user-friendly content, is the most effective way in which to promote your website and your business. (Fast ways to promote a website or “get your business on page one of Google”, are nearly always illegal and can get your website downranked or banned from the search engines)

Good design alone cannot ensure that a website will indefinitely rank good on the search engines. A website owner must manage and promote his website continuously.

Matt Cutts, Head of Google’s web spam team, explains how search works:

Successful search engine optimisation is often the result of small changes to parts of a website.

Individually it does not impress, but as part of a total optimisation strategy it can do wonders for your online visibility.

Your website will have many users and, if you are unknown, one of your most valuable users is a search engine such as Google. Search engines are the ultimate word-of-mouth tools, and they flourish on well-optimised websites.

Search engine optimisation ensures the best user expereince for your website visitors, and the search engine visitor is the one which will tell the world about your site, if your optimisation has been done properly.

Search engine optimisation helps search engines understand your website content and enable them to present it in the most appropriate manner to prospective users.

The Internet does not care about who you are or what size your business is, it cares about what you can do for its users. Search engines are the same.

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