Social Media marketing

One can understand that, because a business owner needs to jump on the bandwagon when it passes.

Especially when “everyone” or “the competition” is doing it, it is a no-brainer that business owners will try to use this new avenue of “marketing”. It is only when the social media efforts don’t have positive results, that the business owner starts thinking about her social media activities.

That is the stage when she starts scouring the Internet and digesting everything she can find about social media. That is stage one, which is the stage where you collect information without discrimination, gathering as much information as you can.

Stage two will be the stage where you start to evaluate more discriminate, and where you begin to distinguish the trees from the forest. At this stage, you cultivate the capacity to distinguish between what is valuable and what worthless. Then you are able to make the right decision about who to listen to, and who to follow.

Stage three is when you decide to make the time and embed the management of your social media program into your daily routine, or to enlist the help of a consultant to do it for you.

Whatever you decide, my website, blog, newsletter and courses about social media marketing help you to teach yourself social media marketing or employ an affordable social media consultant.